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Install the docker container from monachus/hugo or jguyomard/hugo-builder


How this is installed is a complete diffrent story since there are many ways to do this. The story of how I want to install this ansible & docker is not finished yet. But lets assume you just added it through the docker gui that is available in for example Synology.

Initialize a hugo site and a theme

hugo new site your_site_name
cd your_site_name
git clone [email protected]:Vimux/Mainroad.git themes/mainroad

Create multiple view structure

I wanted to exeriment with diffrent layouts and templates and for this reason I decided to lift the content folder out of the directory where the content is generated from. I just did this by moving the directory content one level higher and created symbolic links into the folder of the diffrent themes. Becasue I used a relative symbolic link the link will remain valid even in the container.

cd /volume1/web/hugo/mainroad/
ln -s ../content/ content
cd /volume1/web/hugo/hyde/
ln -s ../content/ content

The end result is that I tested with mainroad but still currently like the hyde-hyde.

Adding comments with Disqus

Hugo has a build in feature to allow comment to and external service called Disqus Create an acount and configure the config.toml file with your shortname

disqusShortname = "blog-roelsieg-nl"
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