About Me

Chances are if you’re reading this you want to know more about me Roeland Siegers because you know me or want to know more about me or my work. Feel free to also checkout the links to social media pages like “Facebook” or “Linkedin” just like maintaining a blog they have their ups and downs in getting my attention.

Otherwise, changes are you were like me trying to find a solution for a specific problem or challenge and found a specific post to relates to your topic. Feel free to share credits if you found my content usefull in some way.

I started this blog somewhere late 2019, mainly to write about two things “projects” and “just thoughts about the world of IT”. (Some project post wil be predated as a refrence of chronology)

Projects and Posts

Projects could basicaly be anything I worked on mostly outside of my daytime job as a network and system engineer. I work one projects like domoticz and home automation or some other fun challenges. The project related post are usualy rich of code snipts and poor of context, should contain links to external sources like github for large projects. If a project is large or is interuppted by life it will be cut up into several “Posts” which are bundeled under the “Projects”


Another topic I might write about is how the IT world is moving towards the newest buzz-word and how I think about that. I do my best to keep the project related posts and me phylosifying about the IT (“PhylosITy”) seperate from technical blog posts.

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