Automating AWX in Dockerdesktop

This post kind of assumes that you already have an environment for AWX with WSL2 Ubuntu and DockerDesktop on you guest OS Windows 10.


Install required modules:

ansible-galaxy collection install awx.awx
sudo apt install ansible-tower-cli

The folowing file should exist and have config

$ cat ~/.tower_cli.cfg
## local IP for my guest OS running docker desktop from W10-WSL2 Ubuntu 
host = 
verify_ssl = False
## Default credentials for local development
username = admin
password = password

Example playbook:

- name: Playbook for Using a Variety of Tower Modules
  hosts: localhost
  gather_facts: false
    - awx.awx

  - name: Create a Project
      name: "Project_name"
      organization: "Default"
      scm_type: git
      scm_url: https://user_name'{{ vault.git_app_pass }}'

URLs and Refrences:

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