Standing on the shoulders of Giants

Undeniably this is related to what I in a previous post call “The age of the engineer” but I would like to focus a little more on the aspect of how we build better tools that help us build better tools to assist us in building better tools to make tools.

Many projects I have been working on at home where just intended to gain some experience in some field. Whether it is learning how-to connect to an API or building domoticz solution. It usually comes down to creating a need to play around with stuff. Many of the projects are old abandoned or just plain ugly. “The old, the dead and the Ugly” which is actually a good title for a blog post on old projects.

But upon my search of course google is my friend and I have found many kindred spirits out there.

I have been relying on so many projects in the past that is almost pointless to start a list. But I am talking about the projects like Ansible and Napalm that are driving some of my network automation. All the people that created the Docker environment and the individual specific docker hosts. And off course the many opensource OS projects from OpenBSD till Ubuntu and back.

I have been amazed ever since I first downloaded a 3.5 floppy image to see OpenBSD download and compile itself from scratch. Up till now, when I just run some Ansible code to download and spin up a docker container in a few to have it executes a task and tare it down again.

So this is just my way of saying “those about to rock, we salute you” (AC/DC). Keep up the good stuff! Some of you that made great contribution in my mind I will reference. Other I’ll just copy a piece of code and probably have lost the link where I found it because you know: “late a night when the family went to bed, having a beer behind my laptop and coding some more” Those are sometimes the best moments of the day.

But most of the time I am just amazed about all the stuff that has been created by the “Giants” that have gone before me. So here we are “Standing on the shoulders of Giants”.

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