NET-WORK-BENCH Building a Network toolset

This is an Ansible implementation of a network workbench for modelling and developing and testing Network Automation. The idea is to build a Toolset that also can hold the network surrounding systems. Thinking of services like DHCP, IPAM, Radius, but also the setup of Automation with Ansible. Next to this also thinking about how to deploy and building of CI/CD pipelines. There should be several blogs posts coming up on this setup:

  • Building the NetWorkBench
    • About setup and selecting a proper network toolset, and howto use a virtual test envirnoment
  • Finding a source of truth
    • About IPAM YAML, how things can work together and how to keep config and a deployment framework in sync. In other words howto build towards statefull deployment.

Like all projects here this is a spare time project. So the ideas are there but progress is slow ;-) Usually comes down to not finding the time to sit down and write about it.

hyde-hyde Credits to the creators

I hereby grant all credits for the setup of this blog to “HTR3N” who on his own gives his credits to “SPF13” how off course again also have build upon a community effort that can be found here Hugo

Of course creating this blog is a project on it’s own there should be several posts on this topic thinking about

  • Setup of the site running hugo static content generator
  • Running behind the cloudflare CDN
  • Docker containers and organisation

A word from the creator HTR3n himself :

Hyde-hyde is a responsive Hugo theme inspired by @spf13’s Hyde and its variant Nate Finch’s blog. It was heavily restructured with modularised page layouts for easier maintenance and modification. Hyde-hyde offers awesome features such as nice colour tone, code highlighting, Font-Awesome 5’s sidebar icons), a cool portfolio page, more choices for commenting (e.g. GraphComment, Disqus).